The inspiring centuries-old examples of art masters are the foundation of her paintings and drawings. During her traditional art education at Atelier St. Lucas, Marlies learned how to build a painting in layers and how to further refine it. This process made her consider the old masters as important teachers. This art of painting began to fascinate her more and more.


What makes it interesting is the possibility to develop this existing art technique with modern tools, such as due to iPad Pro, which can be printed on various modern materials.

Her latest works are completely digitally produced. This series enhances her goal to provide a completely new character to these examples of existing arts. 

This modern age painting technique is as labour intensive as painting with oil paint or drawing with a pencil. She discovered the possibilities to be so enormous and challenging, that it makes the process exiting even more.


Also, her fascination for the beautiful fashion is not a coincidence. Following her education in fashion, Marlies started designing contemporary clothing. In this important face on her journey to developed creativity, she originated her foundation for her later paintings. Always searching for harmony between colour, shape and composition. But also in the applicability of modern techniques.

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